Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Make a No-Sew Pillow Case

So I'm officially obsessed!  I found a tutorial online on how to make your own no-sew pillow cases.  And I don't mean the kind of pillow case you sleep on, I mean just a fun decorative one!  So far I have made three!  If I don't stop, I'm gonna be the lady that has a million pillows on her bed & it takes an hour to take them all off to go to bed. :)  So I made two a few weeks ago and they are on our bed, so I decided to put this one on our black chair in our room.  Just a few simple steps and you can make one or two (or three) for your own house!  Let's be real people; I don't sew!  I mean like really sew.  Don't own a machine, don't have a clue what to do.  I would love to own one one day and learn to make fabulous things but for now, we will use stitch witchery!

Here are the few supplies you'll need:

A pillow to cover
Tape Measure
Stitch Witchery (no sew hem tape)
Ironing Board

Here is my said pillow I want to cover:

So the first thing you want to do is measure your pillow.  Mine was 15"x15".  You'll then want to add about 2" to each side (this is a removable pillow case).  Now you need to cut three separate pieces.  The first in a square and mine was 17"x17" (added 2" to each side).  Then you'll cut two more pieces and mine were 17"x12".  To get the 12", all you do is subtract 5 from the 17.  So here you have all your fabric cut:

Now move over to the ironing board.  I like to iron all my pieces so the fabric is nice and tight.  Take one of the small pieces and iron about a 1" hem on the longer side.

Then you'll put the stitch witchery underneath the hem and iron.  Make sure you hold down for about 3 seconds throughout the whole side to make sure it really sticks.

Do that to both smaller pieces. And this is what they should look like:

Notice the hem on the left side.  Next, take the big piece and lay it right side up (pretty side of fabric showing). Take one of the smaller pieces and place it right-side-down on the larger piece with the seam at the top.

Then take the other small piece and put it right-side-down on top of the first small piece with the seam on the bottom.

Now you will iron the no sew hem tape on all four sides.  Make sure you wait a few minutes for it to all cool before you turn it in side out.  Once you turn it in side out, stuff your pillow in and voila! DONE! :)

The back
Here it is on our chair (I think I'll keep it here):

So there you have it!  Hope you like it and enjoy making your own!  Dining room update coming soon... :)


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