Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Fall up" your front porch

Hello everyone!

Wow, ok so I know it's been awhile since I have posted - my bad! :)  Being pregnant takes a lot of you and WITH a 2 & 1/2 year old too...who is verrrrry demanding of his mommy's attention.  But anyways, I'm back with a lot of new updates and new projects in the works.  Obviously one BIG one is the nursery we will be preparing for our DAUGHTER! That's right, we are having a girl :)  Very excited about that.  Another thing I am super excited about is that it's fall!  Yay!  This is my favorite time of year like most peoples I'm sure.  And I am typing that as I sit outside with Liam watching him play and me type :)

Here are the things I love about fall:

  • Cooler weather - duh! As my husband says "shorts and long sleeve shirts kinda weather"
  • All the pretty fall colors - reds, oranges, yellows, etc.
  • Yummy fall drinks from Starbucks (which I can't really enjoy this year since being know, no caffeine & they just don't taste as good decaf!)
  • Hot chocolate! I can have that! :)
  • Halloween!  I love Halloween now more since I have a child, especially a child who is getting older & sorta understands what it is.  PLUS we have tons of kids in our neighborhood & everyone here realllly gets into Halloween - I love that!
  • Thanksgiving, of course! Don't even need to elaborate..
  • FOOTBALL! We are huge football fans in this house
  • And lastly - decorating!  I'm not realllly into decorating the inside of the house in "fall" gear, but more the outside..hence this post :)  But I do like to decorate the inside of the house for Christmas! Can't wait for that..
So yesterday I decided that I needed to go look around at my two favorite stores & see what kind of sales they were having on their fall gear.  Of course I am speaking of Hobby Lobby & Old Time Pottery.  Hobby Lobby's sales were ok, not great.  The sign I got on the door was 30% off, so not too bad.  This is what the porch looked like before (& let me remind you, we don't have a big front porch):

Didn't have too much decorating out there for Spring/Summer, but it's something!  And here it is after I "falled" it:

Pardon the 2 year old..he wanted to be in the picture :)

So the changes were: New front door sign, new plant stand, pumpkin, two new pottery holders & flowers. This all cost me around $50.00.  Which I normally wouldn't want to spend, but since this is our first house, we didn't have anything like this so you have to buy it all initially!  So next year, I shouldn't have to spend much or none at all.  I think I would like to replace (for now) the front door mat & get something with more fall colors, but we'll keep the blue for now.

Oh, and here is a really pretty tree in our front yard that is already making red leaves - love! :)

If you're interested, here was the cost break down:
  • Door sign from HL @ 30% off - $6.95
  • 2 flower pots from OTP - $12.00 (for both)
  • Pumpkin from OTP - $5.00
  • Plant stand from OTP - $14.00
  • Feux flowers from OTP - $12.00
Grand Total - $49.95

Have any of you guys "falled" up your front doors/porches/houses??  Hope you enjoyed!  Will be back soon with some posts very soon! :)


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