Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest bathroom - Done!

Hello everyone!  I know I said I would have the final product posted yesterday, BUT I had a little emergency with my wee little Lola & was taken away from the project for a bit.  Don't worry, she is fine :)

We finished up the bathroom this morning.  We were all done with the painting by Tuesday night but Scott had to install the new white shelves above the toilet and install the little towel ring by the sink.  We are still waiting to get the light fixture installed and that will be done tomorrow.  But I wanted to go ahead and show you the finished product.

Let's start out by looking at why my inspiration was.

This is the rug I found at Home Goods awhile back and this is in front of the vanity & then I have a smaller one in the tub/toilet area.  I love the way the blocks are placed and all the shades of purple with a little bit of gray.  Our dining room is a lot similar to this with the grays and the purples (not lavender walls).

Let's take a quick look at the before's:

So without further ado, here is the bathroom! :)


I added some personal touches in the room with two large pictures of my babies bathing (get it? We're in a bathroom?) :) I have a teeny little frame on the top shelf above the toilet of Scott & I when we were about 19 & 21.  I know, we look super young.  I will most likely change that picture and put something more "bathroom" in it, but we'll see.  Let me explain what I have on the counter top.  On the far left is a tumbler of Q-Tips & then right next to it is a little jar of cotton balls and little make-up remover puff thingys.  Then soap, then a tumbler of some sort that holds Liam's toothbrush & tooth paste & of course when we have guests, they can utilize it as well.  Then on the far right is a reed diffuser because let's face it...I have a little boy & little boys tend to smell after playing outside.  :)

The painting on the far right wall is something I bought yeeeeeeeeaaarrsss ago but never parted with.  I wanted to incorporate some browns & grays in the room to balance out the purple & not make it look to "feminine".

Well I hope you enjoy the room & once we get the light fixture installed I will post a new picture of the vanity area.  Have a good night!


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  1. I LOVE IT.
    I will need you to come and do my house, okay? Great.