Monday, July 23, 2012

Guest Bathroom Makeover - Part 1

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  So sorry for the delay in posts :)  Having a wee little baby & a 3 year old is quite the challenge!  I'm sure a lot of you can understand.

A lot has changed in our home since I last posted.  I will be showing all the new updates within the next couple days.  But the first project I wanted to discuss was our guest bathroom/kids bathroom.  We've left it the exact same since we moved in.  Boring beige walls and all the nasty fixtures.  The ONLY change we made when we moved in was the faucet.  That old 1999 fixture had to go.  So we replaced that ASAP.  But the colors, the $1.00 towel bars and etc was all the same.  Until now.  So the first step - pick a paint color!  I love the shower curtain & the rugs that I have in there already.  I got them at Home Goods a while back & those are staying so I needed to pick a paint color that worked around the rugs.  Well if you didn't know, Sherwin Williams is having their semi-annual paint sale where all their paints & stains are 40% off!!  I know, right?!  Normally, we never go there because quite frankly, I think their paint is a little expensive.  HOWEVER, all their paint is non VOC & has amazing coverage.  So you get what you pay for.  Anyways, we decided to go with a light lavender color from HGTV.  Yes, HGTV has a paint line from SW (Wow, I sound like an endorsement for Sherwin Williams-I swear I'm not). :)  Here is the beautiful color we decided to go with.

Yes, it's the one with the arrows & smiley face & circle.  It's called Grape Mist.  This picture is pretty true to the color.  Well we got down to business this afternoon and started removing everything off the walls & all the crappy $1.00 towel bars & stuff & did some MAJOR spackling.

Yep, I'm getting my spackle on.  Pardon the no make-up :)

This is all pre-sanding, so it looks lumpy.  Don't worry ; I'll sand.
Here are some BEFORE pictures you might enjoy (well, probably not-this wall color is awful).

Ok, now here's the to do list.  I hope to have this all said & done by Wednesday.  We have already done part one.  Tape everywhere & remove everything & spackle.  Painting will come tonight once the babies are in bed.

Guest Bathroom To-Do List:

1.  Remove all hardware, tape & spackle
2.  Paint!
3.  Remove light fixture? (If I can find an inexpensive one at Home Depot)
4.  Get a new towel bar
5.  Hang two white shelves above the toilet (Already own shelves, need to get decorative brackets)
6.  Hang pictures, art, etc.

That should do it!  If anything else, I'll update later.  Stay tune for part two tomorrow!  Have a great night!

Oh, PS-I'm making another Pinterest recipe tonight.  I'll let you know how that goes too.


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