Thursday, March 24, 2011

DIY Memo Board or Bulletin Board

Well I decided while the second coat of primer was drying on my desk, I would make a small project (for barely nothing!) for our new office space.  I decided to make a Memo Board or a Bulletin Board.  This is a VERY easy project and quite inexpensive.  This is what the final product will look like:

Nice, huh?  Well thank you! Let me show you how to do this simple, cute project.  
What you'll need:

  • A Frame
  • Paint
  • Fabric
  • Foam Board
  • Stapler
  • Exact o Knife
Ok, so here is a little secret.  The frame can come from somewhere like a thrift store.  It doesn't matter how ugly the picture is inside the frame, toss that!  You can easily prime the frame and paint it the color you want for PENNIES.  Unfortunately, all my thrift stores stink!  I couldn't find anything.  So I went to my FAVORITE store, Hobby Lobby and found a plain wooden frame for 50% off!  I spent $7.00 on a plain frame.                         

So the first step is to lay the frame down on your foam board (also from Hob Lob - $1.99) and trace the size of the frame so that the foam board will slip right in.  Now cut the foam board with your exact-o knife.  Take your fabric and now wrap it the foam board like your wrapping a present. 


You will use your stapler to secure the fabric to the board.  Now you'll want to paint your frame.  It literally took me 10 minutes to paint this wooden frame.  I decided to use a gray paint that I already had in a sample color I got from Home Depot about 2 months ago.  It'll look really pretty with the light blue color I am painting the room.  

Once its done drying, just take your foam board and press it into the frame and make sure its nice and snug in the frame.  I went ahead and hung it on the wall just you could see the finished project on the wall, but I'll be moving it soon when I paint. 

Finished product!  Like the lamp next to it??  Me too!  It's staying! :)  I bought a gray rug from Ikea that will really compliment this new memo board and lamp shade (more on the rug later..)

So final costs on the Memo Board or Bulletin Board Project:
  • Frame - $7.00
  • Foam Board - Free (Already some left over)
  • Paint - Free (Already had sample)
  • Fabric - Free (Left over from headboard project)
  • TOTAL - $7.00!!
Now, if you need to buy these items, go over to Hob Lob and these are the estimated costs:
  • Frame - $7.00
  • Foam Board - $2.00
  • Paint Sample - $2.95
  • Fabric - (3 yards around $3.00 per year) = $9.00
  • TOTAL - $20.95!!

WOW!! Even if you have to purchase these items, it'll still only cost around $20, maybe less if you get the fabric you want on clearance.

Thanks again for reading Re-Stylin'!  The desk should be finished in no time.  :) 


  1. i am loving this blog! nice work, K!

    oh and also i'll take one of those lamps. :)

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I'm really excited to try and decorate this whole house with a tight budget and a HUGE imagination. :)