Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Office Re-do! In Progress...

Ok, first off - Excuse the mess!  So this is the first project I will be sharing with everyone on Re-Stylin'!  

My goal is to restyle this ENTIRE room for under $150.  We just moved into this house at the end of December 2010.  Let's just say that we haven't had time to do much to the house.  This space is our office or study.  This room is the first room you see when you walk in, so it kind of has to be awesome, right?? :)  It's off to the left as soon as you walk in.  We have three beautiful windows that face the neighborhood (I'll get a shot later) and we want to move the desk into the middle of the room so we can see outside and not stare at a wall.  So you'll see that the room already has gorgeous hardwood floors AND crown molding.  Not touching any of that...The first re-stylin' project is going to be the desk.  Here we go!

Ok, so we bought this desk at Office Depot about 3 years ago and it has been moved about 3 times.  It has scratches all over the top and lets just say it's been through a lot. Well I decided that I wanted to make our new office space a "spa" like look and feel.  I know that sounds silly...A "spa" like office?  Well, if I'll be spending a lot of time in there, I should feel relaxed, right??  So I am going to be painting the room a beautiful light blue shade (more on that later).  I thought with that color, we should make the furniture a crisp white color.  Since buying a new desk is NOT in the budget, I decided that I was going to paint it myself.  I also want to mention that this desk is not real wood.  It's in fact particle board.  "You can paint and refinish particle board, Kristine?"  Why, yes you can readers!  I am going to show you how!  Here is the desk in the garage (thanks hubby for helping me carry it outside, quite heavy I might add).  Let's get started on how I am going to do this!

Things you'll need:
  1. Screwdriver
  2. Sand Paper
  3. Primer and White Paint (Paint brushes)
Ok, now that you have all your supplies, let's get to it!  First thing, remove all the drawers and doors and take off the hardware using your screwdriver.  I wanted to sand and prime my drawers first.  You can begin wherever you want. Once you finish sanding the area you started with, get a paper towel and just wipe off the dust and begin priming the area you just sanded.  Let the first coat dry and while it's doing so, go ahead and start sanding another part.  I waited about 15 minutes then went back and primed the next coat.

The two drawers after TWO coats of primer
Desk door and shelf after TWO coats of primer

I started to sand and prime the rest of the desk but my little man decided it was time to wake up from his nap so I hope to get the rest of the desk primed maybe tonight or tomorrow when the hubby is home. 

Please stay tuned for the rest of the desk re-do!  Thanks for reading my FIRST post on Re-Stylin'.  


    1. I just read it!!! Looks like u have begun an awesome gig!! ;) can we say.... Home Makeover. You'll b on TV in no time ;) - Tesa

    2. I just love this! Decorating is my thing...and I am soooo excited to see your results. ♥ your blog!!! - Pat