Friday, October 7, 2011

New Dining Room

Ok, so we moved into this house on December 17th, 2010 & I immediatley wanted to start decorating everything.  Obviosuly it is a process and the dining room is right at the front of the house and it needed a little TLC.  Mainly because we used it as a "crap" room.  Why the heck would we do that I now wonder since it is at the front of the house that everyone can see...Hmm, oh well.  Well I told you back a few months ago that we got a new table and chairs and it is sooo pretty.  It sat in the dining room for about 2 months without any spruce.  We needed spruce.  Stat.  If you need a refresher of what it looked like before, here it is:

We decided on a paint color and that swatch on the wall also sat there for about 2 months. So Liam and I went out of town for about 5 days so Scott decided to get his paint on.  We have beautiful crown molding in there and a chair rail so I really wanted him to re-paint alllll the trim (the crown molding, the window frames and sills, around the door, the chair rail, the floor trim) a nice fresh crisp white color. Around the window sills really needed it because the previous owners had a dog and the dang dog chewed on the window sills.  Anyways...So the trim paint really stunk so he wanted to get it done before we got home.  It took him like 2 days because it was a lot.  When we got home we went and bought the paint and got to painting!  Here is daddy's helper:

The color turned out crazy pretty!  It is a very light gray-ish color and that was only painted above the chair rail and below it was a crisp white.  It turned out so nice!  And here is the after!

Here is a good (as good as I could capture) picture of the paint color, crisp trim & white under the chair rail
I wanted it to look really open and airy and crisp.  Have I said "crisp" enough in this post?  We still have a little ways to go with decorating, but we added a nice rug from Walmart, two silvery vases and some sconces I got on sale at OTP.  I would still like to add some sheer curtains, maybe?  I was thinking maybe some lavender ones.  The room lets in a lot of light and it makes the paint color look so pretty, so sheer will be the way to go if I decide to put anything up.  I still want to add a picture or two and maybe some shelving on the big wall.  But for now, it looks great!  We got the chandelier from my mom for FREE :)  Thanks, Mom!  Yes, it is not centered in the room...who ever did that doesn't know how to measure.  We could move the table over to the left to make it centered, but then the table would be off center..Ahh! What to do!  We'll just leave it :)

 Hope you enjoy the new dining room!  We are in love and have already used it once! :)  Hopefully we'll be using it a lot more in the future.  Thanks for reading!


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