Friday, October 21, 2011

So it begins...

Howdy!  I hope everyone has had a good week and now here's hoping to a good weekend!  We had to turn our flippin' heat on Wednesday night.  All day the high was only 53!  And rainy.  So of course that night, it got mighty chilly.  And then again last night.  But I love the cold weather!  Sweaters, boots, hot chocolate, hot anything! :)

Anywhoo...I keep thinking my lovely husband keeps forgetting that we are having a baby soon because we literally haven't done anything.  Not one thing.  I have been SCOURING everywhere for the perfect bedding set for our daughter and the one that I found that I just LOVE...We can't afford.  Here it is here:

Sigh......It's from Restoration Hardware and for a 3 piece set, its $226!  Um...No.  So I decided that I am going to re-create it or "re-style" it myself!  For A LOT cheaper too.  Like less then $100.  But that is a different post.  We'll get there soon.  

So it begins means cleaning out our 4th bedroom that we have upstairs or should I call it our "storage room".  We literally just put everything in there that we just don't know where it goes yet.  This room has to be cleaned out so we can make our guest room our daughters room and our "storage room" will be our new guest room.  Ok, so here it is....I'm a little nervous to show you what it looks like...

Here is the entrance...

Holy Cow - That looks scary!!
I forgot to mention that this room is huge!  I have no clue how we are going to set up the guest room.  The good thing is; is that this room has access to tons of storage.  So most of this stuff will go into some bins and stored away.  Um, also, yes - those are boxes.  Yes.  We have lived here since December 17, 2010.  Don't hate.

This is the guest room that I will say that I am sad to paint over this beautiful paint color :( But, for my daughter, I will do so :)

We will be painting over this with a beautiful gray color.  Her nursery will be grays & pinks & maybe a splash here and there of some pops of color.  But the whole point is to keep it very calm and girly without being too girly :)

This is the famous to do list, because I love a good to do list:
  1. Clean out "storage room" & reorganize it
  2. Move everything out of the guest room & set up in the new guest room
  3. Paint the nursery
  4. Paint all the trim, white
  5. Buy crib
  6. Buy dresser
  7. Make the crib skirt
  8. Collect the rest of the bedding
  9. DIY some awesome art & wall decor
I think that might do it for now - I'm sure I'll be adding to it soon.

Wish us luck!! :)


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