Thursday, June 30, 2011

And baby makes 4!

Hello to all of my Re-Stylin' readers!  I am so sorry it has been so long that I have posted.  BUT, I have a VERY good reason.  Scott & I are expecting our 2nd baby!!  Liam is so ready and so excited to be a big brother (I think).  When I ask him he tells me "no".  I'll just assume he doesn't know what he's talking about :)  So needless to say, I have had ZERO energy to do anything to this house...and that includes cleaning it!  Seriously folks, no energy mixed with pure tiredness mixed with so much nausea = no remodeling projects right now.

However, you will be seeing some future posts about the future nursery.  Obviously I won't decide anything until we know what we are having.  I'll post some ideas about both (boy or girl).  This baby will probably go into Liam's room right now and Liam will move to the guest room that I re-styled a few months ago.  I know, I know...all that hard work will now be a little boys room!  But we all knew eventually I was going to have to have a nursery :)  The good thing is, I probably won't paint the guest room since it looks like a good color for a boys room.  Liam's room now is a very light blue color so IF we have a girl & I want to paint it pink, it'll be easier to paint over then that dark blue color in the guest room.

So there you have it!  My excuse!!  I will be doing some little projects here and there but nothing major right now.  Hope everyone can understand!  I'll eventually get all my energy back! :)

Thanks everyone!

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