Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leftover materials = New wall art!

Hellllllloooo again!  I just finished another fun wall project!  If there is one thing you will learn about me, or have already learned about me, it's that I HATE bare walls.  I think every wall should have SOMETHING.  You definitely don't want to over do it, keep things simple, but do something!  We have a space in between our eat-in kitchen and our living room.  I already have a nice little console table there, but the wall above the table was pretty bare.  This spot is important because as soon as you walk in the front door and look directly down the hallway, you will see this wall.  Here it is, bare and boring.  I forgot to take a picture of it completely bare, so you'll see on the left hand side the startings of my project...

I decided to use some of my left over mouldings from a previous project and put them to good use.  First, I measured what I wanted on the wall.  Then I just simply nailed in the moudlings into a rectangle.  Then I painted the inside of it white (using some left over paint).  

And that's what we got!  Next was also easy & FREE.  I had 3 left over frames from my previous wall paper art project that use to hang over our couch and decided to use those.  I printed 3 FREE printables from Sprik Space and slipped them right in to my frames (I have used her free printables before, seen here).  I had some left over ribbon from my scrap booking so I decided to attach some simple black ribbon to the back and give it the illusion of it hanging from some door knobs.  That's right, I said door knobs.  This is where the only cost came in.  I went to Hobbs Lobbs and bought three door knobs.  Hobbs Lobbs has TONS of different knobs ranging in all different prices.  Mine were $2.99 a piece totaling: $9.00!

Here is the final product:

All I did was nail/screw the door knobs into the wall and the photos are actually hanging on nails.  The ribbon is just "resting" on the knobs. :)

I'm in love!  It just makes the wall look so yummy!!  Here is a view from the front door:

Umm, please excuse my son's blocks on the floor.... So you can see that you will notice it as soon as you walk in.

Ta-Da!!!  Here is the total cost break down:
  • Moulding - Free (left over)
  • White paint - Free (also left over)
  • Frames and prints - Free!
  • 3 Door knobs - $9.00
There you have it folks, another inexpensive way to dress up your walls.  Even if you did have to buy the moulding, it is CHEAP. $2.09 for 8 feet.  Total for my project: $9.00!!

Thanks again for reading! :)


  1. Thank you! I love it too. I'm going to do something like this in Liam's room. Maybe make like 4 small ones and put little pictures in it.? We'll see!

  2. Love how this turned out, Kristine! I'll be sharing this on Sprik Space's FB wall today. :)