Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FREE Printable Art

Well who doesn't like the word "FREE"?  I found this awesome website this morning where you can print free art and graphics.  It's 100% legal and this blogger has tons of options to choose from.  I chose the word "LOVE" to print out in 6 different ways.  Also, I printed them out on 5x7 glossy photo paper just to look a little bit more fancy.  If you do not have a photo printer, no problem!  Just print them on regular ole' paper. 

Since I am re-stylin' my guest room I needed some art to display in the room.  I made a trip to Ikea yesterday and bought some of the essentials I needed for the room.  Well I picked up these:

These were $1.99 for TWO frames in one pack.  So I got 3 packs (for you math people, that = 6 frames total). :)  All I did was print the art I wanted, seen here:

I then laid them out on the desk, strategically of course

Then put them in their new homes! :)

See??  They look great and the best part is, they were free!  I have purchased everything I needed (I think) for the new guest room.  Today I would like to start painting, but I am dealing with this very upset child, seen below:

Not sure why he is so grumpy today!  Painting may not happen if he won't cooperate! :)  Maybe during nap time...Anywhoo, go visit this awesome site and print yourself some new FREE art!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Highlighted this on Sprik Space's FB page today... love the idea of repetition! Looks great! :)

  2. Thanks guys! I can't wait to actually hang them now in the newly re-done guest room :)