Sunday, April 10, 2011

Above the head board art

Lately I have been obsessed with  I have the app on my phone and I am constantly looking to see what's been posted and what kind of treasures I can find and change!  Well, I found a head board that is faux leather and a rich brown color that goes along with our current furniture.  He was asking $75 and I paid $70! Whoop! :)  $5 off is a good deal, right?? Anyways, I am totally in love with it!!  It is so pretty and it's what I've been looking for.  A big thanks to my hubby for working all night then coming home at 7:30 a.m. and staying awake until 12 to watch Liam so I could go pick it up. :)  Good man!

The past couple days I have really looked around for something to put over our beautiful head board.  Done some research to see what other people have and finally decided on DIY art (duh, what else would I do?!).  I talked to my bestest friend Sarah, and she was telling me about her friend who bought a couple cheap canvas's and painted them with some stripes (using painters tape).  What a good idea! Stripes are awesome, but not really for the theme of our room.  So I decided I wanted to use 4 canvas' and luckily I already had 2.  Off to Hobby Lobby I go with my little mans. :)  I got a pack of 2 canvas's for $7.99!  Whooo!!  I decided to put some of the vinyl art on the canvas's.  I was also going to paint them the lightest shade of green that is also in our room (score, free paint!).  Anywhooo, looked at all the vinyl art they had and ultimately thought we need something circular to break up all the straight edges.  So I got these beautiful flower looking thingy's in grey-ish, silver-ish and black.  Here they are:

I think they are super cute!  These by the way were only $10!  They are usually $20 but since Hobby Lobby is AWESOME, they were 50% off!  Can't beat that.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Paint your canvas any color you want
  2. Let them dry for a little bit (you don't have to wait too long since canvas's dry really quick)
  3. Now, the FUN part!  Getting these little sticky guys on to your canvas!  
Just press firmly and they will stick just fine.  Here was my problem...

These little guys would stick together!!  Ugh, it was so annoying.  But after a little time and patience... I got it to work! :) Here is what it ended up looking like.  Now remember the color I chose is kind of hard to see with the camera, but its a very light green called "Celery Ice".

Here they are all nice and hung up above our head board:

So.....What do you think??  I am loving it! :)  It really gives the wall some length and really draws your eye to the bed, which is the whole point since I LOVE our new head board.  So there you have it! 

$7.99 - 2 canvas's
$10.00 - Vinyl wall art
$17.99 TOTAL!

For less then $20 you get a beautiful above the head board art piece.  Thanks for reading again!


  1. you've impressed me yet again, my friend. i may have to copy this idea for our living room!

    ps - love your bedspread.

  2. You totally should! The bed spread is from Walmart!! I got the bed spread & 2 shams for $50! It is literally the softest thing ever. Totally surprised since it's from wal mart!