Sunday, April 10, 2011

Next Re-Stylin' Re-do: Our guest room

On to the next big project!  I know, I haven't posted pictures of the office...Sorry!  I am done except for the shelves.  They are going to be hung soon, I promise! 

I am moving on in my head to the next room, the guest room.  This room will eventually be a nursery, but that is not until way in the future, so for now, let's get creative in this guest room.  This is the main guest room (we have a few..) so I really want it to be bold and fun and comfortable.  Here is the space:

What you see when you walk in and look left
What you see when you walk in and look right

So, a good size room, right??  Not to big but it's a perfect guest room.  Are you ready to see the color I am choosing for the walls?  You can kind of see it blobbed up on the wall next to the window, but here's a better shot:

BOLD.  LOVE it!  I am going to dress this room up with some fun and BRIGHT colors!  Yellows and greens and turquoise, oh my!!  It will be beautiful.  Ok, so here is the tricky part...I only have $100 to do it!  Can I do it??  I sure hope so!  First stop?  IKEA!  I already have plans to buy the curtains there and some bold pillowcases, all for under $20!  Watch me! :)  Luckily, my mother is AWESOME and is letting me borrow her plain white goose down comforter for the summer since goose down is very light weight and we know how hot it gets down here in the ATL.  So, SCORE!  A free plain white comforter.  Gives me more room to really dress up the space with lots of color. 

More to come on this re-stylin' re-do! :)

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