Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun project with extra fabric!

Got some extra fabric laying around??  Well here is a really cute and CHEAP idea to dress up some of your picture frames.  Here is what we are making:

Let's use that extra fabric and wrap it around some cheap frame mats!  Cute idea, huh?? :)  With just a few simple things, you can make your own! 

You'll need:

  1. Extra fabric (Free!)
  2. 8x10 frame mats ($2.00 a piece @ Wal Mart) or whatever size you want - this frames a 5x7 picture
  3. Scissors & an exacto-knife
  4. Tape
  5. Frames
The first thing is to lay your fabric color side down then lay your mat upside down on top of it.  Cut the fabric around the frame just leaving enough to tape it to the mat.  This is what you'll have after you finish cutting:

Next you'll just start taping the fabric to the mat.  You could you some spray adhesive, but I didn't have any, so tape it is!! :)  After you tape it, you will make a little hole in the center of the fabric using your exacto-knife.  Then you'll take the exacto-knife and from the corner, make a cut down to the center hole.  Do this on all 4 sides.

After you make those cuts, take your scissors and cut the top part of the "triangle" seen above and then simply just tape it to the mat.

You are all done!!  This is what you have now!  You don't have to use honeymoon pictures, but that's what I chose! :) Kidding!  

I am going to make one more and these will be hung up in our newly re-done guest room!  Which by the way I was able to paint the other day.  Liam was able to nap for awhile!  Yay for me!!  So paint has been done and it looks awesome!!  Decorating and putting everything together tomorrow.  Enjoy your newly updated photos!!

Thanks for reading Re-Stylin'.! :)

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