Friday, April 29, 2011

Re-Stylin' some old canvas art

Happy Royal Wedding day!  Right?  No?  Don't care?  Well even if you didn't see it or care to watch it, Kate looked absolutely stunning!  No doubt about it.  So let me get back to what the post is supposed to be about and that is re-stylin' some old canvas art you have that you may just not really like anymore.  I have two pieces of canvas art that I bought at Old Time Pottery, probably 3 years ago that I have taken with me everywhere that I have moved.  They are recently placed in my kitchen.  Here:

I think they were like $6 a piece.  So I decided it was time to re-style them a little bit.  What better way then to wrap them with some beautiful fabric.  I went off to my favorite store, Hobs Lobs :)  I bought one yard @ $6.99 per yard at 30% off! Yeah buddy!  Our kitchen colors are greens, browns and pops of red in our center piece on our table, so I wanted to incorporate the same colors but maybe bring in a little blue or turquoise.

Another view of the where the pictures hang in the kitchen
 Just a few items needed.  Staple gun, fabric and scissors. Oh! And of course some old canvas art.

Place your picture, face down, on the fabric, also face down and cut about 1 inch around the picture.  Next you'll simply just staple the fabric into place on the back of the frame. And Voila!  You're done!

This is a view of the eat-in-kitchen and the new re-styled' canvas art hanging on the right

How simple, right??  And CHEAP!  That's the best word! :)  So go forth and re-style' my friends!  More to come on the little man's room soon!!

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